10-Day New Member Experience: Day 5 — Embrace a prevention mindset

Staying on top of your checkups and recommended screenings today can help you maintain good health as you grow older.

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Healthy aging is about more than fixing what ails you today. It’s about taking steps that will help you stay strong, sharp and active tomorrow, next month, next year — and well into the future.

That’s where your preventive care plan comes into play. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about this before — it’s something that’s definitely on the radar of your health care provider. During your Annual Physical and Wellness Visit, they’ll review your personal health history and talk to you about what’s important in your life and how your health fits into the picture. 

Together, you can come up with a set of doable daily habits — your preventive care plan — that can help you maintain or even improve your health from checkup to checkup and year to year. They’ll also get you set up with important medical screenings and immunizations. Your 2021 Annual Care Checklist will be a good guide during your appointment. Find it plan website.

Get the conversation started by completing your Health Assessment:

  1. Sign in to plan's website
  2. Go to Health & Wellness
  3. Select Health Assessment in the Quick Link section

Or call the Customer Service number listed on the back of your member ID card and ask to take the Health Assessment.

Learn more ways to embrace a prevention mindset by catching up on the 6 Simple Steps for Staying Healthy at Any Age here

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Get your next checkup right at home — for free

UnitedHealthcare® HouseCalls brings yearly check-in care to you in your own home. You’ll get a physical exam, health screenings and plenty of time to talk about your health questions with a licensed medical practitioner.

To learn more and confirm if you are eligible, call 1-800-934-0280, TTY 711, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. ET, 5 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. PT. or click here.

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