10-Day New Member Experience: Day 4 — Discover Renew by UnitedHealthcare®

This popular health and wellness experience helps you create healthier habits so you can feel your best with every year and stage of your well-being.

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You have a lot more control over how you feel day to day than you might think. Small decisions you make — like choosing to go for a walk over watching TV, or making a side salad instead of fries — contribute in a major way to your overall well-being.

And that’s where Renew1 can help. This health and wellness experience is designed to help you and other older adults take those small, daily steps to feel your best and stay well. Good news: Most UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage plans give you automatic access to everything Renew has to offer: 

  • At-home workouts 
  • Brain games 
  • Emotional health resources
  • Healthy recipes
  • Online learning courses
  • Fitness activities
  • Health news, articles and videos
  • Renew rewards (not available on all plans)
  • And more

How to get started with Renew:

  1. Sign in to MyUHCMedicare.com [link to https://www.medicare.uhc.com]
  2. Click on Health & Wellness

Check out all that Renew has to offer by reading 8 Questions About Renew, Answered here

1. Renew by UnitedHealthcare is not available in all plans.

Watch and Learn: Get Fit With Renew by UnitedHealthcare

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