10-Day New Member Experience: Day 10 — Make this your healthiest year yet

Ready to help get your health on track and keep it there? Today’s the day to put all of your plan features to work for you.

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Congratulations! You’ve spent the past 10 days prioritizing your health. Your online account is up and running. You’ve made sense of your costs and coverage details. And you’ve explored a few of your plan’s perks. These actions may seem simple on the surface, but trust us, they’re huge.

The more you understand what your plan offers, the more you can put the features to work for you — and the more confident you can feel about your well-being. 

To keep the momentum going, read Make This Year Your Healthiest Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan here. Learn how to set meaningful goals, start a new healthy habit, build a support team that’ll have your back — and more. The easy strategies make reaching your health aims not only possible, but totally doable.

Finally, remember that we’re here for you 24/7. You can reach us online at MyUHCMedicare.com or call the Customer Service number on the back of your member ID card.

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Schedule a free in-home checkup with HouseCalls

No travel. No crowded waiting rooms. UnitedHealthcare® HouseCalls comes to you for 1-on-1 personalized care. This is the attention you’ve been waiting for.

To learn more and confirm if you are eligible, call 1-800-934-0280, TTY 711, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. ET, 5 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. PT. or click here.

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