Renew You Challenge: Help prevent falls

Help stay strong and stable on your feet with this one easy exercise.

Lou Schuler, CSCS
Mature man exercising with a step bench.

The Renew You Challenge is the newest health and wellness experience from Renew by UnitedHealthcare® to help inspire you to take charge of your well-being every day. Every weekday in October, we’re sharing new ideas to help build up your body, mind and spirit.


Falls are a big concern among adults over 65, and for good reason. They’re the leading cause of injury for this age group, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Of course, there are lots of reasons people trip and fall. But adding some balance training into your weekly routine may help you become steadier on your feet. That’s because where there’s strength, there’s stability. 

Try This Today! The Split Squat

Exercises that have you stagger your footing — meaning one foot is in front of the other while you’re performing the movement — are an important part of balance training, says Robert Linkul, C.S.C.S., a certified personal trainer who specializes in working with older adults.

More Ways to Help Lower Your Fall Risk Renew’s “Falls and Fractures” quick tip sheet covers everything from hidden fall hazards to helpful ways to avoid breaking a bone — and more. To access this tip sheet, sign in to your plan website and go to Health & Wellness. Then look for Health Tips in the Quick Links section. Not a member? Learn more.


Think about it: When you go about your day, you’re putting one foot in front of the other. Training in what’s called a split stance helps strengthen the lower body muscles that are involved in walking. The foot placement also helps with total-body stability and coordination.

The Split Squat exercise is one of the best split stance exercises older adults should know how to do. First, make sure you have your doctor’s OK to exercise. Then, all you need to do is press play and follow along. Aim to do this exercise three times each week.


Try This Strength Training Workout to Help Prevent Falls 

Renew gives you the tools, tips and resources you need to start a fitness routine — including a series of Renew You Challenge Workouts from strength coach Lou Schuler. His Strength Training Workout to Help Prevent Falls features the Split Squat, plus challenging variations and additional moves that are great for many fitness levels. To find them, sign into your plan website and go to Health & Wellness. Then type Renew You Challenge into the search bar. Not a member? Learn more here.


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