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20 inspiring ideas. 4 weeks. 1 happier, healthier you.

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When it comes to improving your health and well-being, good intentions are a great start, but they’re often not enough. Healthy habits surface when we set ourselves up for success. 

The Renew You Challenge can help show you how. The Challenge is the newest health and wellness experience from Renew by UnitedHealthcare® to help inspire you to take charge of your well-being every day. 

We’ll share new ideas to help build up your body, mind and spirit. To see what’s to come, download your Renew You Challenge calendar here

Ready to form new healthy habits? Click on any of the Challenge Days below to get started.

Day 1: Strengthen Your Core 
Day 2: Eat More Real Food Today
Day 3: Do These 6 Important Health Checks 
Day 4: Help Your Hips 
Day 5: Reframe a Negative Thought
Day 6: Help Improve Your Posture 
Day 7: Create a Wish List 
Day 8: Check Your Heart Health in 60 Seconds
Day 9: Help Prevent Falls 
Day 10: Give Your Brain a Workout 
Day 11: Tone Your Upper Body 
Day 12: Have a 10% Less Day
Day 13: Give Yourself a Massage
Day 14: Strengthen Your Total Body 
Day 15: Have a Different Conversation — With Yourself
Day 16: Loosen Up Your Tight Muscles 
Day 17: Reach Out to Someone Younger
Day 18: Head Back to (Virtual) School
Day 19: Break a Sweat 
Day 20: Do a Favor for a Friend


Give yourself a hand

To experience all Renew by UnitedHealthcare® has to offer — everything from fitness videos and interactive brain games to healthy recipes and online learning courses — sign in to or register for your plan website. Then click on Health & Wellness at the top right of the page.



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